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What is the Indy Library?

The Indy Library is a digital library started by volunteers, including librarians, IT professionals and academics.


We are not aligned with any political party.


We pool our skills and knowledge to share scholarly, reliable, accurate information from verified sources, to help you decide the merits of Scotland regaining its independence.


Be empowered with knowledge. Make an informed choice.

We use the C.A.R.S. information quality standards


The C.A.R.S. Checklist is one way to evaluate information sources. 
It asks you to look for Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, and Suppor
before deciding to use or trust an information source.

Our people
  • Volunteer Operated

Our organisation is volunteer-owned and operated. We have pooled our knowledge and experience of librarianship, academic scholarship, data collection and IT communication.

  • Digital resources accessible to all

It is important that everyone has access to expert information in different formats such as scholarly articles, plain-language text, audio and video to make informed decisions.

  • Learned Expert Analysis

That's what sets us apart. We are independent of mainstream media, political parties and are politically non-aligned.