How Scottish independence could re-ignite the north-east energy sector. Open minds on independence #17

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With independence, Scotland could manage a just transition from economic dependence on fossil fuels. And take our rightful place at the heart of developing renewables to power the world.

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Scotland is certainly well-placed to thrive in the renewables sector, but renewables need time to develop in order to ensure that the transition to a low-carbon economy does not adversely affect the poorest in society, who are most sensitive to rising energy prices. There are three reasons for this:

- Environmental: we now have proof that climate catastrophe will lead to the eventual destruction of the modern economic system. How countries choose to manage this will be critical, particularly those with abundant natural resources such as Scotland.

- Economic: the UK currently makes little revenue from oil and gas. One of the reasons for this is that Westminster cut petroleum revenue tax to 0% in 2015. This has not to benefit the industry in the way that was promised. For instance, between 2015-2018, the UK government only gained £3.3bn from oil and gas, 95% less than Norway.

- Political: Brexit is causing massive damages to our economy. It proves that Scotland and the UK have fundamental differences and it seems inevitable that they will move towards different paths.

With independence, Scotland could properly manage a just-transition from economic dependence on fossil fuels to take our rightful place at the heart of moves to develop renewables to power the world, rather than destroy it.