Roles of Volunteers

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There are three sets of roles for the Scottish Independence Library: Management, Web, and Content.

young volunteer web designerSite Administrators

The role of the Web Master and assistants is to maintain and develop the site.  This will include Cereproc integration and security.

They will liaise on changes suggested by the users, the content contributors, and Curators and Editors to develop the ease of use and additional elements to engage the users.


There are a number of levels of content contributors:

Users (anonymous)

They are to be enabled to suggest content and features for IndyLibrary. These will be matters ranging from appearance of the site, questions, useful web sites, individual items, etc.

Users (registered)

As above but can maintain a list of bookmarks or favourites, and use the app.

Registered Contributors 

All the above, plus: 

  • Check user suggestions, 
  • Implement this first check with CARS, 
  • Draft the entry for the resource. 
  • Pass on sensible suggestions from users 
  • Make content suggestions and draft entries for them
  • Make suggestions for the various elements of taxonomy 


volunteer library curator using ipad Curators

All the above, plus: 

  • Check against CARS again, 
  • Check for accuracy of the elements entered into the forms,
  • Complete entries, 
  • Compile issues of difficulty with entries for resolution among the sub-editors.

No publishing rights are available to the above roles.

The roles below all have publishing rights.

All Editors

All the above, plus: 

  • Review, amend, publish draft entries. 
  • Act as resource persons to the other volunteers.  
  • Each editor will have specific areas of responsibility. These are:


Q&A Editor

  • Review suggestions and make others
  • Create new questions
  • Compile interim answers 
  • Find individuals to write Answers.
  • Edit existing Q&A
  • Monitor popularity of questions asked.


Categories Editor

  • Maintain a simple but comprehensive structure
  • Monitor suggestions for additions
  • Review category suggestions
  • Publish results for all Curators and Editors


Keywords Editor

  • Review the terms in use
  • Consolidate terms
  • Amend as required
  • Monitor popular keywords
  • Monitor suggestions for additions


Style Editor

  • Maintain consistency of style in entries, and taxonomy
  • Maintain a style manual
  • Maintain accuracy of entries
  • Amend entries as necessary

Resources Editor

  • Search for opportunities
  • Look for useful website resources for SIL
  • Make contacts in the independence community
  • Look out for potential authors (in conjunction with Q&A Editor)
  • SEO

Public Relations/ Marketing (editorial access)

  • Identifying channels to promote SIL / maximise power of existing Indy networks
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Creating content for Social Media (images, videos) 
  • Social media manager (including advertising, volunteer marketers) 
  • Advertising management
  • Event manager (including online events) 
  • Designers - graphics and user interface.

Management (administrator access)

  • The manager of the whole SIL
  • Adjudicator among the roles
  • Maintenance of standards and policies
  • Staffing/volunteers
  • Finance
  • Legal compliance

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