It has now been almost seven years since the UK voted to leave the European Union and three years since the UK left the EU in direct conflict with the stated democratic will of the Scottish people. The Scottish electorate was ignored and Scotland was ripped from the European community against what has now been proven to have been Scotland’s better judgement. 

When Shell announced the biggest profits in its history – £32.2 billion pounds for 2022 on Thursday – the BBC morning news flagship, the ‘Today’ programme gave listeners misleading information about how much tax it is paying in the UK compared to other countries. 

"Two polls published this week indicate that voters in Scotland are losing faith in UK governance.  A poll ... found that 50% of Scottish voters had more trust in the economic competence of  Holyrood than  in the UK Government. Only 28% had more trust in Westminster’s economic competence. ... Polls indicate the emergence of a Scottish independence mindset" according to Believe in Scotland.  Read More