Can Scotland force independence?

There are theoretically several ways.  Self-determination, political majorities at elections, a referendum, Legal cases, Consultation, or other forms of negotiation. a referendum.

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Scottish Independence And The UK Government’s Unreasonable Refusal To Negotiate

Author / Creator: Sionaidh Douglas-Scott

Media type: Article

Date published: 2022

The UK Government’s conduct in refusing to negotiate with Scotland on independence is reprehensible.

SALVO Reclaiming the Scottish Constitution

Author / Creator: Salvo

Media type: Web site

Date published: 2022-

The Scottish Claim of Right was never extinguished by the Treaty of Union; rather, the treaty was and remains conditional upon the continuance of the Claim of Right in Scotland. 

The Treaty Bites Back

Author / Creator: Sara Salyers

Media type: Article

Date published: 2022

The Claim of Right Act of 1689 means that the Scottish people retain the right to prohibit government actions or legislation which compromise their civil rights and freedoms. This was incorporated in the Act of Union,1707.

Scottish Independence: A Practical Guide

Author / Creator: Jo E. Murkens

Media type: Book

Date published: 2002

This book is the first serious study of the likely road to independence, and the consequences for the Scottish people and the Scottish economy. Scottish Independence starts with a detailed guide to the stages along the route to independence and goes on to analyse the legal, political and economic consequences.It asks key question

Scottish independence

Author / Creator: Institute for Government

Date published: 2021

This is a largely factual explainer by the Institute for Government of the issues around a referendum and the results of its success.

Within Our Grasp

Author / Creator: Robin McAlpine

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

A campaign strategy that will apply maximum pressure on the Westminster Government and achieve independence within three years of its commencement.

Could Scotland stage an independence referendum without UK approval? What the law says

Author / Creator: Marc Weller

Media type: Columnist Opinion

Date published:

Methods of gaining independence include self-determination, a referendum without UK approval, legal proceedings, consultation, and other forms of negotiation.