How will communities develop in Scotland?

Scotland’s Census 2022 - Ethnic group, national identity, language and religion

Author / Creator: Scottish Government

Media type: Report

Date published: 2024

Dramatic changes in Scottish society shown in 2022 census

Sorted. A handbook for a better Scotland

Author / Creator: Commonweal

Media type: book

Date published: 2022

'Sorted' is a vision for a shared future in an independent Scotland.  A future which puts all of us first. It looks at what's possible and describes how we can make independence and Scotland successful.

By us and for us: How local democracy can build and strengthen community

Author / Creator: Willie Sullivan

Media type: Article

Date published: 2022

It is not enough that the future is built, it must be built for us. We must now learn a lesson for our next hundred years; it is not enough that the future is built for us, it must be built by us. 

All of Our Futures

Author / Creator: Craig Dalzell

Media type: Book

Date published:

The idea that ‘Scotland is ageing’ has become embedded in our politics but is couched in language suggesting that this is a negative feature of society. ... [We need] to tackle the real consequences of an ageing society overall and how to adapt so that we treat ageing as a natural and valued part of all of our lives instead of a regrettable and perhaps humiliating one.

Care In Your Community

Author / Creator: Colin Turbett

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

Putting Community Hubs at the heart of a National Care Service.

Mapping Economic Potential in North-East Glasgow

Author / Creator: Mhairi Love

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: April 2017

The case for asset based community development in the North-East of Glasgow through mapping derelict and vacant sites in the area and looking at how the Community Empowerment Act could be utilised.

Town Centre Action Plan Review

Author / Creator: Craig Dalzell

Media type: consultation response

Date published:

Town centre regeneration has been demonstrated through the Covid pandemic how vital local community is in times of crisis. This reinforces the need to plan for the development of town centres.