What is the process for Scotland to rejoin the EU?

An independent Scotland (with 47 years experience as part of the EU, within the UK) would be likely to succeed in joining the EU

Full answer here: Scotland's application to join the EU (if it wishes to) should not be difficult because of previous membrship

Scotland’s EU Debate The Essential Questions on Membership of the European Union under Independence

Author / Creator: Anthony Salamone

Media type: Report

Date published: 2022

The question of potential Scottish EU membership is a foundational aspect of the independence debate today. 100 questions on re-joining the EU

An Independent Scotland in the EU: Issues for Accession

Author / Creator: Kirsty Hughes

Media type: Report

Date published:

This report brings together the views of...what an independent Scotland’s accession process to the EU might look like and what the implications of independence in the EU, while the rest of the UK remained outside the EU, might be