What will the economic policy of an independent Scotland be?

A key argument for independence is that economic alignment with the UK is no longer applicable. The weaker the alignment with the UK economic model, the greater the opportunity to “do things differently”, but the greater the short-term risk and upheaval.

Full answer here: Economic alignment with UK

Towards an industrial policy for Scotland: A discussion of principles and approaches

Author / Creator: Iain Cairns

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: March 2016

A mutual, sectoral model of industrial development rejects both ‘top down planning’ and ‘free market’ approaches. The form an economy takes is inevitably the result of political decision-making. Democracy must therefore extend to the economic sphere.

Resilience Economics, an Economic Model for Scotland’s Recovery.

Author / Creator: Common Weal

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: 2020

We need a resilient economy, one which creates the good jobs that give people the income to live good lives now. It must have the security to make us confident we can live good lives in the future. It must be useful, diverse, and non-exploitative. It can not contain high levels of risk, or which falls over in a crisis. This resilient economy must be based on a resilient environment,  able to regenerate itself and sustain our lives now and in the future.