Who is Scotland seeking independence from?

Scotland is seeking independence from the UK. The Scottish Parliament does not have the power to conduct a legally recognised referendum.

Full answer here: Independence from the UK

State and Nation in the United Kingdom: The Fractured Union

Author / Creator: Michael Keating

Date published: 2021

The United Kingdom has often been seen as a unitary nation-state. This book argues that it should be understood as a multi national union in which the key elements of people, state, values and sovereignty are contested.

Will ‘British values’ keep us together?

Author / Creator: Michael Keating

Media type: Blog

Date published:

The main threat to the union no longer comes from the nationalisms of the periphery but from the attempt by unionism to monopolise universal values and dress them with the nationalising language of Britishness. 

Scottish Independence: A Practical Guide

Author / Creator: Jo E. Murkens

Media type: Book

Date published: 2002

This book is the first serious study of the likely road to independence, and the consequences for the Scottish people and the Scottish economy. Scottish Independence starts with a detailed guide to the stages along the route to independence and goes on to analyse the legal, political and economic consequences.It asks key question

Scotland: The New State of an Old Nation

Author / Creator: Murray Stewart Leith

Media type: Book

Date published:

At a time when Scotland's future has topped the agenda in Britain and abroad, this book unpicks the complex weave of Scottish politics, society and culture, providing an essential insight into Scotland's present - and its future.