Scotland's History Online

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TannerRichie Publishing
TannerRichie Publishing
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2022 -
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TannerRitchie Publishing, and Birlinn Ltd have collaborated to create Scotland's History Online (SHO).

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Remote learning has never been more important, and SHO provides access to Birlinn’s growing collection of new and backlist titles in one convenient online destination, and powered by TannerRitchie’s widely praised user interface, MEMSO Shell.

Birlinn's titles have long served as core texts for college and university courses that touch on Britain and Scotland, and now there has never been a better time to make a complete library of Scotland's most important historical research available to all your users. Subscribers will have access to Birlinn’s newest history titles and backlist, including the complete backlist of the John Donald academic imprint along with titles first published by Tuckwell Press.