What is the future of research and development in Scotland?

The current R&D in Scotland is diverse in its sources of funding, locations, and institutions. It is concentrated in the central belt of Scotland but employs over 35,000 people across the country.

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How to future-proof Scotland's economy. Open Minds on Independence #15

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Rapidly growing new and high-tech industries are also driving Scotland’s economy which is actually more diverse than the rest of the UK.  Three areas are of particular importance: Life sciences, digital industries, and space industry.

This is how independence can boost our innovation nation status

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One of the key drivers of a successful economy is innovation. Scotland has a proven track record of being a highly innovative nation. This can be one of the foundations upon which to build an exciting economic future. Main elements are information technology, life sciences, software and gaming, and space technologies.

Back to basics: Research and Development in Scotland

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Investment in Scotland's R&D has increased over the past decade, but lags behind the UK and other OECD countries.  Continued growth in these sectors will require significant investment and policies that incentivise R&D activity.

Research and innovation in Scotland

Author / Creator: The Royal Society

Media type: Fact sheet

Date published: May 2018

This document provides an insight into the current research and innovation landscape in Scotland to inform discussions over how people across Scotland can have the opportunity to contribute to and share the benefits of R&D investment in the UK

Scottish Space Agency – A discussion on Scotland’s place in the space industry

Author / Creator: Craig Berry

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: July 2017

This paper proposes a Scottish Space Agency and Spaceport to make Scotland a world leader in an industry sector of the future.