Supporters of Independence

How Brexit has created a new divide in the nationalist movement

Author / Creator: John Curtice

Media type: Research Paper

Date published: 2018

The level of support in Scotland for independence has not increased in the wake of Brexit, but  support for the idea has become more closely linked to having a favourable view of the EU.

The Changing Role of Identity and Values in Scotland’s Politics

Author / Creator: Alex Scholes

Media type: Research Paper

Date published: 2021

Support for Scottish independence has become more entwined with a strong sense of Scottish identity, and with a more liberal outlook

How the argument for Yes and UK intransigence are changing minds

Author / Creator: Believe in Scotland

Media type: Article

Date published: 2021

Disillusionment with the UK and the disastrous effects of Brexit are driving a series of high-profile expressions of support for Scotland’s independence.