Private rental

Claim Scottish Government is spending £3bn to subsidise landlords is False

Author / Creator: The Ferret jpurnalists

Media type: Blog

Date published: 2022

A claim that the Scottish Government is subsidising private landlords is false.

Alienating, insecure and unaffordable: Living in Scotland’s private rented sector

Author / Creator: Ben Wray

Media type: Assessment report

Date published: October 2017

Young people are  most affected by the growth of the private rental sector. It is insecure. They are more separated from the community than in social housing. The quality of the private rental sector housing is inferior in general.

The Rent Controls Scotland Needs

Author / Creator: Common Weal

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

Rent controls designed around a points-based system linked to the quality and amenities of a property and attached to the property rather than the lease would provide a just rental provision.

Energy Efficiency in the Private Rented Sector

Author / Creator: Keith Baker

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: August 2019

The Scottish Government has significantly under-estimated the financial, resource and time costs involved in using Energy Performance Certificates as a basic measure of energy efficiency.  The financial penalties are far too low and are unlikely to force the changes required.

A Living Rent for Scotland’s Private Tenants

Author / Creator: Gordon Maloney

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: September 2015

Living rents are necessary for social justice.  They should reflect the value of the property. They should be capped by a rent affordability index. Indefinite tenancies should be the norm. Hardship should be a defence in relation to evictions. Initial rents should be set against a points system to reflect the value of the property. Rent increases should be capped at a rent affordability index. Create a Scottish Living Rent Commission to oversee these principles.