Why Scotland urgently needs a hydrogen pipeline to Europe

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Hydrogen from renewable energy could be piped to Germany.

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Recently the UK Government has also been criticised for failing the wind power sector. Sweden’s Vattenfall said in July it could no longer build at the price the UK guarantees for wind, and it has suspended work on a major site in Norfolk. This week, the UK Government will offer new contracts for difference but this may not be enough to incentivise more development.

The UK Government has also failed repeatedly to provide the market framework that will be needed to make the construction of Scotland’s pumped storage hydro facilities a reality. Unfortunately, although the Scottish Government has granted planning permission, it can’t do anything about the conditions set by the UK Government. 

An independent Scotland in Europe would be free to invest in and partner with other countries as climate-conscious governments work together to transition to renewable energy.

That can’t happen soon enough – Scotland does not want to sit on its hands and watch as another huge energy windfall is squandered by an incompetent and uninterested UK Government.