Beyond GDP: here’s a better way to measure people’s prosperity

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Henrietta Moore
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Institute for Global Prosperity, UCL
The Conversation
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Rather than the outmoded measures of growth, productidvity and income, research indentified 15 headline indicators - a prosperity index - that reflect the actual experience of well being and security for people.

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Early evidence suggests the UK government’s approach to levelling up will once again heavily depend on the same tired approaches – like targets for house building and job creation that have failed in the past to resolve regional and local inequalities and address social and economic exclusion.

New levelling up requires a sharing of knowledge. Allowing citizens, local government, businesses and community organisations to collaborate, make decisions, trial radical new approaches and rapidly evaluate change. Shared knowledge creates the opportunity to identify innovative policy options and new pathways to prosperity that are more targeted and more effective at improving quality of life.

Involving local people in the process creates a new way to understand, conceptualise and measure prosperity, inform local decision-making and equip communities with the tools, evidence and confidence they need to monitor progress and hold decision makers to account.