Sorted. A handbook for a better Scotland

Author / Creator: Commonweal

Media type: book

Date published: 2022

'Sorted' is a vision for a shared future in an independent Scotland.  A future which puts all of us first. It looks at what's possible and describes how we can make independence and Scotland successful.

Aberdeen - Scotland’s First Urban Community Hydro

Author / Creator: Community Land Scotland

Media type: Report

Date published: 2022

Donside Village Community SCIO now owns and manages the land which is home to Scotland’s first urban community hydro scheme. 

Care In Your Community

Author / Creator: Colin Turbett

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

Putting Community Hubs at the heart of a National Care Service.

Town Centre Action Plan Review

Author / Creator: Craig Dalzell

Media type: consultation response

Date published:

Town centre regeneration has been demonstrated through the Covid pandemic how vital local community is in times of crisis. This reinforces the need to plan for the development of town centres.