Supporting collaboration between the third and public sectors: evidence review

Author / Creator: Scottish Government

Media type: Review

Date published: 2022

The difficulties of collaboration between government and voluntary organisations are funding, meaningful collaboration, procurement and lack of trust.

Scottish Social Attitudes survey 2021/22: attitudes data

Author / Creator: Alex Scholes

Media type: Report

Date published:

This survey report focuses on attitudes to government, the economy and public services.

What Scotland Thinks

Author / Creator: What Scotland Thinks

Media type: Web site

Date published: 2013-

Non-partisan information on attitudes to how Scotland and the UK should be governed

What Scotland Thinks

Author / Creator: ScotCen; socal research that works for society

Media type: Website

Date published: 2014

Impartial, up-to-date information on public attitudes towards how the constituent parts of the UK should and are being governed.

Intergovernmental Relations: Two Decades of Co-operation, Competition, and Constitutional Change

Author / Creator: Jim Gallagher

Media type: Book

Date published: 2020

Constitutional change has been a defining feature of Scottish and UK relations over the last ten years

Understanding the Union

Author / Creator: Iain McLean

Date published: 2020

In modern politics Unionism may be roughly mapped to social unionism, trade and security unionism, and nationalist unionism.

Scottish Sovereignty in the age of Mass Surveillance

Author / Creator: Alistair Davidson

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

In response to the mass surveillance of citizens and businesses, there is a case for the adoption of publicly auditable open source software to protect Scottish sovereignty.