Head of State

A Very Modern Mythology

Author / Creator: Jonathon Shafi

Media type: Opinion

Date published: 2022

The appeal of the royal family is in its projection of a reformist ethos, where everything can change, but remain firmly within the bounds of the established order.

Charles: King of the Landlords

Author / Creator: George Kerevan

Media type: Opinion

Date published: 2022

The Windsors are about land and land is about political control.

The High Heid Yin

Author / Creator: Elliot Bulmer

Media type: Podcast

Date published: 2022

Heads of State - what they do and how we could select one.

Tweet, Tweet! e-Diplomacy for an Independent Scotland

Author / Creator: Nicola Biggerstaff

Media type: Opinion

Date published: 2022

Now we move into a new era, we need a rethink on how we in Scotland can stay ahead on the international stage.

Subjects Process, Citizens Assemble

Author / Creator: Bill Johnston

Media type: Opinion

Date published: 2022

There is scope to analyse and question what constitutional and political direction Great Britain takes in the coming years. 

The Queen’s Jubilee Is The Time To Have A Debate About Britain’s Atrophied Democracy

Author / Creator: Gerry Hassan

Media type: Blog

Date published:

The monarch comes from the core of what the Empire State..., and as long as it survives in its present form it validates and reinforces the continuation of the Empire State at home – entrenching the rotten, unreformed political system and culture which continues to fail us.