Nationalism & the Far Right

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Nationalism & the Far Right
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The far right in the context of nationalism.

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This is a global movement of fascist ideology, and it's in the not in the dying throes of capitalism, because we have seen how capitalism is reorganizing itself.But it is the vanguard of capitalism and always has been in decimating, decimating the working class opposition to its own destruction, in confusing the issue of capitalism.  So there's no point in having a debate.  I tell you 2 things about the revolution globally.  It will not be white.Get used to it.  Globally, the revolution will not be white because the world's population is not by majority white.  

We come from an imperialist mindset.  We live in the belly of capitalism, of the beast of capitalism and imperialism.  And Ireland has a peculiar place in the middle of that.  But it will not be won in 30 character tweets with the opposition with the right.  Get off it.  There are uses for social media.  Getting bogged down and shit with the far right is not limited the very simple messages.  

And I conclude on that is, people have to be aware that we have to take the argument of sovereignty from a class basis and not be afraid of it.  Because Workerism is afraid of nationalism, the trade union movement.  

The left has to recognize that in 2021, you're not the only game in town, and you're very weak.  Much of this work is being done by Civic Society collectives.  People like myself lurking in community development.  

Lurking, they say, what are you doing?   Lurking in community development, working on the ground.  And I tell you why I worked there for 25 years.  The real experts, because there's nobody an expert in anything.  People only know what they know, and you can't fully know what you've never lived.  You can abstractly study it, but you can't really know what you've never experienced.  So academics and other people bring bring analysis to the table.  The poor bring experience.  

Nobody knows how to survive poverty better than the poor.  Nobody knows how to survive racism better than the Travellers, because that's where it is.  And If you want to build the revolutionary movement, you want to build the trade union movement, you need to get out of the small conversations and bickering between People and For Profit and People After Profit and People, People with No Profit and the Judean People's Front and and talk to the working class.  And they don't live and and the far right say this to you all the time. 

Is there anybody near you?  Are you taking people home with you because because they know you know that people coming into the country are pushed into the poorer areas, so if you want to win that argument you have to be where the people are.  And you're not.  .You have to start speaking the language that the people speak.  

Most of the working class aren't on Twitter.They're listening to Joe Duffy and Stephen Nolan, and most of them don't understand data sets, PowerPoint.  Our job is to analyse.  But when we are organizing, we need to speak the language of the poor.  We need to feel the experience of the poor and we need to listen to the poor and not call them people with lived experience of poverty.