Can Scotland survive independence?

Considering Scotland has all the necessary machinery in place to become an independent state, we see no obvious reasons why Scotland would not succeed economically if it were to do so, especially if achieved within the bounds of the law.

Full answer here: Scotland has all the organisation for independence

Scottish independence: how do other small economies fare?

Author / Creator: Marlene Jugl

Media type: Article

Date published: 2022

"The successes of small economies are highly contingent on state and society’s ability to capitalise on the strengths and minimise the vulnerabilities of small population size."

Scotland After Britain: The Two Souls of Scottish Independence

Author / Creator: James Foley

Media type: Book

Date published: 2022

What is Scottish Independence for?

Scottish independence needs to offer “a shining city on a hill”

Author / Creator: Gerry Hassan

Media type: Blog

Date published:

Previous generations have shown...ambition and intent when faced with what seemed insurmountable problems. It falls to us now to rise to the challenges of our age and make that future Scotland real.

Exclusive: research shows Scotland would have benefitted more from independence than devolution

Author / Creator: Believe in Scotland

Date published: 2021

Many countries have shown great success after independence, particularly in terms of GDP growth and developing their own currency. Overall, it can be suggested that full independence would have contributed to greater GDP growth for Scotland than devolution.

The economics of secession: a review of legal, theoretical, and empirical aspects

Author / Creator: Thierry Madiès

Media type: Academic Paper

Date published: 2018

Economic theory shows that the decision for a region to remain in a country (or a union) or to secede results from a trade-off between the benefits of being part of a large country, and the costs  associated with more heterogeneity. Literature confirms the importance of these trade-offs and shows that decentralization may be effective to accommodate secessionist conflicts only if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Past the Point of no Return: Scotland, Brexit and Independence

Author / Creator: Klaus Stolz

Media type: Article

Date published: 2020

Brexit is a possible catalyst for the disintegration of Great Britain.

Believe in Scotland

Author / Creator: Richard Walker

Media type: Web site

Date published: 2019 -

"We target undecided and soft No voters with positive independence messages"

Scottish independence

Author / Creator: Institute for Government

Date published: 2021

This is a largely factual explainer by the Institute for Government of the issues around a referendum and the results of its success.