Scottish independence needs to offer “a shining city on a hill”

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Gerry Hassan
The National
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Previous generations have shown...ambition and intent when faced with what seemed insurmountable problems. It falls to us now to rise to the challenges of our age and make that future Scotland real.

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Independence cannot be about minimal change to not scare folk. Nor can it be about thinking it can win by the default of Westminster imploding. Or the mirage of “one more heave”.

Rather independence has to have a boldness and a confidence in Scotland, and in our future and our capacities to create that future and society. In an age shorn of vision and ambition across the Western world we have to mobilise our talents, energies and imagination, draw from the best of our past, and say we can do big things – and aim high for the post-COVID world that hopefully eventually emerges.

Think of an independence of the Scottish mind that dared to map out the contours of a future Scotland that prioritised closing that life expectancy gap, healing our education and health services along with social care, investing in home grown renewables and infrastructure, and recognised that the small things and local matter.

That Scotland requires agency beyond political party, delivery and understanding the relationship between practice and policy. For this to happen we have to be able to connect the grand design and intent of independence to specifics and a vision of a future land.

And we also have to connect with and draw in a world beyond politicians – of professionals and experts in health and education, anti-poverty campaigners, town planners, climate change authorities and more.