What is the union dividend?

This is the supposed extra spending per person Scotland receives as a part of the UK.

Full answer here: The union dividend explained

Getting ahead of the curve What next for Scotland and the Union?

Author / Creator: ALUN EVANS

Media type: Lecture

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Alun Evans (formerly at the Scottish Office making the case for the Union) focuses on the hurly-burly of the 2014 referendum campaign, and his own suggestions for securing a long-term future for the Union.  His solutions - full tax devolution, spending, domestic policy, and energy policy.  Agreement on shared responsibilities, continuation of the monarchy, monetary policy set by UK, defence and foreign policy set by UK.  [The expanded devolution that was promised but neve delivered]

Claim Scots will be £2,000 worse off after independence is Unsupported

Author / Creator: The Ferret

Media type: Fact check

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The "Union Dividend" of £1941 per person [in 2019] only refers to the difference in current spending per head. It does not tell us what Scotland’s financial position would be after independence.