Scotland’s energy future – Damaged by five UK government failures

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Business for Scotland
Business for Scotland
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The UK government is preventing Scotland from reaching its full potential

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Building on its recent hydrogen strategy, the Scottish government has laid out an energy strategy that prioritises an accelerated shift to increased wind and hydrogen development. The draft energy strategy, which is available for consultation for four months, offers the “fastest possible” transition away from oil and gas production.

Capitalising on the potential for Scotland to become a leading exporter of hydrogen alone could contribute between £5 billion and £25 billion a year to the economy by 2045, and the sector is seen as the best area to create jobs and opportunities for people from the fossil fuel sectors. 

Scotland also needs more storage capacity to make the most of its huge renewable power capacity, a level playing field for renewables, and connectors to Europe. But the UK government holds too many important levers in terms of investment and regulation. 

Scotland has seen how the potential of oil and gas was squandered. It has no sovereign wealth fund like Norway. Now the country has a second chance to become a world leader in energy – to harness the huge potential of natural resources, to meet climate goals and to boost the economy.

But the people are being forced to watch as a Westminster government with different priorities gives too little too late, sets regulatory priorities that don’t work for Scotland and lets free marketeers profit from the resources that should belong to the people.  Scotland needs independence – sooner rather than later – to make the most of its energy potential this time.