Scottish Education in the Twentieth Century

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Lindsay Paterson
Edinburgh University Press
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 How can democracy be reconciled with the necessity of selection. Selection of culture in the maintenance of excellence, and selection of people, allocating them to  occupations while also preparing them for life as equal citizens in the common culture of the community?

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Paterson argues that the Scottish answer to this has been recurrent attempts to give wide access to common types of educational institution, but continuing to define that education in fairly traditional academic terms. This is then also Scotland's attempt to reconcile the tension between social solidarity and liberal opportunity, between the needs of the individual and the needs of society and its inherited culture. This broad-ranging and stimulating account of a century of Scottish education is organised chronologically into two broad parts: Competition and Opportunity, 1880s--1930s; and Welfare and Individualism, 1940s--1990s. Within these periods are chapters on each of the main sectors of education. Key Features: *Scottish education often claimed to be a world-leader -- the facts behind this are explored