Concerns raised over Scottish Government’s £5m grants to Chinese Confucius hubs

Author / Creator: Billy Briggs

Media type: Report

Date published: 2022

Grants of £5millon have been given to the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools (CISS) which is based at Strathclyde University and has 22 learning hubs in schools to promote Chinese languages and culture.

Education for Transformation: Rethinking education in a time of ecological and social crisis

Author / Creator: Mike Langdon

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

It is only by mainlining the adoption of degrowth education that Scotland can begin to move to systems of educational practice that begin to address the multiple emergencies we face

Play is the Way: Child development, early years and the future of Scottish education

Author / Creator: Sue Palme

Media type: Book

Date published: 2021

A timely book on early years and education in Scotland, filled with a passion for change and wanting the best for our children. It contains numerous suggestions for how to close the ‘attainment gap’ and give those children currently failed by our education system a better chance in early life.

School spending per pupil highest in Scotland, lowest in Northern Ireland

Author / Creator: Luke Sibieta

Media type: Assessment report

Date published:

In the current year (2021–22), core school spending per pupil is expected to be highest in Scotland (over £7,500) compared to England (£6,700) and Wales (£6,600), and lowest in Northern Ireland (£6,400).

Class Rules: the truth about Scottish schools: a review

Author / Creator: Sue Palmer

Media type: News Item

Date published:

A supportive review of the book "Class Rules: the truth about Scottish schools"

Class Rules: the Truth about Scottish Schools

Author / Creator: James McEnaney

Date published: 2021

Class Rules makes the key issues about Scotland's education system accessible to all. He delves into the Curriculum for Excellence. He interrogates the rhetoric around closing the 'attainment gap' between the richest and poorest pupils. And he considers the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic.  This book looks to the future to ask what changes can be made to improve the system for young people across the country. 

Populism, democracy and a pedagogy of renewal

Author / Creator: Margaret Petrie

Media type: Academic Paper

Date published:

The implications of populism for adult education aimed at defending and extending democratic life. The conflation of agonistic democracy with left populism is questioned. We consider how a focus on education might help to ground their theory and clarify popppulism's ambiguities. 

An Equal Start: A plan for equality in early learning and care in Scotland

Author / Creator: Common Weal

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: January 2016

This report is a plan for delivering change through a National Childcare Service in public provision, as a replacement for the fragmented, haphazard and unequal nature of the childcare sector at present. The report provides a comprehensive, costed strategy for achieving this transformation.