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Scottish independence referendum: role of the Supreme Court

Author / Creator: David Torrance

Media type: Article

Date published:

Yesterday (28 June 2022) Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, set out a “route map” to holding a second referendum on the question of Scottish independence.

This Insight looks at what the Scottish Government is proposing and related legal issues.

Can the SNP win on July 4?

Author / Creator: Kirsty Hughes

Media type: Article

Date published:

Just days before Rishi Sunak’s bizarrely soggy general election call, the latest YouGov poll gave Labour a lead of 39% to just 29% for the SNP. That would decimate the SNP at Westminster and let Keir Starmer claim to speak for Britain (if not the whole UK).

5 Things You Need to Know About Labour’s Latest Vow on Constitutional Reform

Author / Creator: Believe in Scotland

Media type: Blog

Date published: 2022

"Dishonest, vague, lacks solid commitment, and continues the Brexit power grab."

Has the European Union empowered the regions? A pre- and post-Brexit preliminary investigation of the United Kingdom

Author / Creator: Giada Laganà

Media type: Article

Date published: 2021

EU has empowered, as well as disempowered, regions and sub-national governments.

Secondly, ... regions have adapted to the EU opportunity structure.

Finally, ... regions and sub-national governments have also influenced the EU opportunity structure. 

Corruption: the Price of Dependency

Author / Creator: Bottom Line

Media type: Discussion Paper

Date published: 2022

The UK has no overarching anti-corruption authority with sufficient resources to act to prevent corruption and track down the corrupt and criminal. 

Act of Union 1707; contemporary context

Author / Creator: UK Parliament

Media type: Article

Date published:

From the Act of Union to the Scotland Act, the United Kingdom in the twenty-first century and beyond. A UK Parliament view of the Act of Union.

Past the Point of no Return: Scotland, Brexit and Independence

Author / Creator: Klaus Stolz

Media type: Article

Date published: 2020

Brexit is a possible catalyst for the disintegration of Great Britain.