Cost of independence

Setting up an independent Scotland is estimated to be about £25 billion, £15 billion of which comes Scotland's share of UK assets. The remaining £10 billion is a one-off cost.

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There are three aspects - initial debts inherited, the cost of work to establish operations, and the continuing financial position. The costs can be covered by the assets transferred to Scotland, issuing of bonds, and borrowing as all nations do.

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The estimated costs of setting up an independent government are estimated at £25 billion, of which about £15 billion will be from assets transferred.

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The set up costs are estimated at £25 billion of which £15 billion as a share of assets being transferred. The continuing financial position is dependent on the strength of the economy.

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Certainly.  Scotland has adequate renewable energy resources -wind, water, tidal. It has a good manufacturing base with a world class financial sector.  It has thriving service and tourist industries.  The tax basis for enabling economic and social development exists.  It was established in the 2014 referendum that Scotland would not need to take on a portion of the UK debt.

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What are the cost implications of setting up an independent Scotland?

Author / Creator: Common Weal

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Date published: 2021

Initial debts will be a matter of negotiation with the UK government.  The set up costs are estimated at £25 billion of which £15 billion will be offset as a share of assets being transferred. 

Scottish independence would be 2-3 times more costly than Brexit, and rejoining the EU won’t make up the difference

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Scottish independence would be 2-3 times more costly than Brexit over 15 years. Rejoining the EU wwll make up part of the difference in trade value.  This made headline news for a time.  The methodology for this prediction has been questioned.

Scotland the Brave? An Overview of the Impact of Scottish Independence on Business

Author / Creator: Clifford Chance

Date published: July 2021

Businesses in an independent Scotland will have to react to

  • new legislation
  • Citizenship arrangements
  • National assets division
  • New currency
  • New tax regime
  • New financial regulator

Among other things.

How To Start a New Country & A Short Guide To Starting a New Country

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Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: August 2021

This is essential reading for both believers in Scottish independence and undecided voters who seek answers to their practical questions about the processes of starting an independent country.