Scottish Debt

No. The devolved Scotland government is not allowed deficit spending or to borrow. Any supposed deficit is an allocated proportion of the UK debt, according to population.

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Setting up an independent Scotland is estimated to be about £25 billion, £15 billion of which comes Scotland's share of UK assets. The remaining £10 billion is a one-off cost.

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The set up costs are estimated at £25 billion of which £15 billion as a share of assets being transferred. The continuing financial position is dependent on the strength of the economy.

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How much debt does Scotland owe on Independence.

Author / Creator: Richard Murphy

Media type: Video

Date published: 2020

England will owe Scotland money upon independence.

What are the cost implications of setting up an independent Scotland?

Author / Creator: Common Weal

Media type: Briefing paper

Date published: 2021

Initial debts will be a matter of negotiation with the UK government.  The set up costs are estimated at £25 billion of which £15 billion will be offset as a share of assets being transferred. 

Response to latest [2020/1] Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) estimates

Author / Creator: David Phillips

Media type: Assessment report

Date published:

The large debts shown by the 2020/1 GERS are temporary and not structural.  They do not indicate that Scotland cannot afford to be inedpendent.

Beyond GERS: Scotland’s fiscal position post-independence

Author / Creator: Craig Dalzell

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: 2017

GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) is not a good guide to the position of Scotland post independence.