Once independent with its own currency, Scotland can apply for EU membership.  This may take a couple of years.  In the interim application can be made to EFTA and to joining the customs union they enjoy with the EU.

Full answer here: Scotland can choose to apply for membership of the EU

The Euro Has Never Been More Problematic

Author / Creator: Yanis Varoufakis

Media type: Video

Date published: 2019

The Euro is not separate from Brexit.  Varoufakis argues against three statements: 

Europeans are better off as a result of the Euro

Euro was a useful and helpful instrument during European crisis,

Euro is a success story


Questions of EU Membership

Author / Creator: Anthony Salamone

Media type: Opinion

Date published: 2022

Two things define Scotland’s current and future connections to the EU - We need to recognise we are external to the EU's thinking, and we need to rectify the generally poor knowledge of the EU among the general population and among our politicians.

Scotland, Brexit and Broken Promise of Democracy

Author / Creator: Klaus Stolz

Date published:

The perception of a democratic deficit began in the Thatcher premiership, long before Brexit. Scottish self government came to be positively linked with European intergation.