Children Shouldn't be Hungry

Author / Creator: Robin McAlpine

Media type: Opinion

Date published: 2022

In Scotland, a thousand children a year are hospitalised because of malnutrition. 

Inequality in Scotland: despite Nordic aspirations, things are not improving

Author / Creator: Gwilym Pryce

Media type: Article

Date published:

The latest estimate [2081] suggests that inequality in Scotland is now higher that it was in 2008, moving it closer to the inequality score for Great Britain than the Nordic one.

One in five people in Scotland now live in poverty – here’s what’s being done to tackle it

Author / Creator: John H McKendrick

Media type: Article

Date published:

The latest estimate (2018) is that one million people in Scotland are living in relative poverty – that is, after housing costs, they are left with a household income that is below 60% of the national median.