Social housing

A home is not a luxury - it's a fundamental human right

Author / Creator: Assa Samake-Roman

Media type: Article

Date published: 2024

More people are finding themselves losing their grip on stable housing, resulting in a surge in homelessness

Good Houses For All

Author / Creator: Craig Dalzell

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

This is a model for building an unlimited number of houses for social rent on a zero-subsidy basis using the Scottish National Investment Bank.

A Living Rent for Scotland’s Private Tenants

Author / Creator: Gordon Maloney

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: September 2015

Living rents are necessary for social justice.  They should reflect the value of the property. They should be capped by a rent affordability index. Indefinite tenancies should be the norm. Hardship should be a defence in relation to evictions. Initial rents should be set against a points system to reflect the value of the property. Rent increases should be capped at a rent affordability index. Create a Scottish Living Rent Commission to oversee these principles.

Housing For A Better Nation

Author / Creator: Sarah Glynn

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: August 2014

Good housing needs more than good housing policy. Housing policy needs to be part of wider social changes towards a more equal, community-centred, environmentally sustainable society. 


Housekeeping Scotland: Discussion paper outlining a new agenda for housing

Author / Creator: Malcolm Fraser

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: October 2016

The United Kingdom’s housing policies have been ideologically-driven, and have led to the current crisis of strangled investment, under-provision and a general flow of power and money from civic society to the wealthy. UK housing has suffered greatly from its politicians’ fixation with a single form of home and tenure, the mortgage-backed and privately-owned home.

Better than This

Author / Creator: Common Weal

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: 2021

We must emerge from the Covid pandemic in a way that 
Fixes the problems raised by the crisis. 
Fixes the problems evident before the crisis and makes us resilient.
Implements a green new deal.
Establishes a new democracy. 
Begins a national care service.
Starts land reform.
Creates a housing revolution.
Controls our own energy.
Provides better banking
Focus on independence.