EU accession

Questions of EU Membership

Author / Creator: Anthony Salamone

Media type: Opinion

Date published: 2022

Two things define Scotland’s current and future connections to the EU - We need to recognise we are external to the EU's thinking, and we need to rectify the generally poor knowledge of the EU among the general population and among our politicians.

An Independent Scotland in the EU: Issues for Accession

Author / Creator: Kirsty Hughes

Media type: Report

Date published:

This report brings together the views of...what an independent Scotland’s accession process to the EU might look like and what the implications of independence in the EU, while the rest of the UK remained outside the EU, might be

Independence in the EU in the Covid Era: Prospects for Scotland

Author / Creator: Kirsty Hughes

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: 2020

Covid has not changed Scotland's position in relation to applying for membership of the EU. If Scotland were to choose independence through a constitutionally and legally valid process, then it would be eligible to apply to join the EU.