The economic contribution of colleges in Scotland

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Mairi Spowage
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Ben Cooper, Kevin Connolly, Kate Milne, Agata Michalowicz
Fraser of Allander Institute
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College graduates will boost Scotland’s economy by £52 billion over their working lives

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Mairi Spowage, Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute said: “This research demonstrates the important and unique contribution that colleges make to the skills system and the Scottish economy overall.

“The analysis in this report highlights the value that skilling up the population – which leads to income and productivity gains – can have in the long-run, and the longer-term benefits this can bring to economic growth and government revenue.

“Interestingly, the study also highlights the role that colleges play in bringing educational opportunities to those from diverse backgrounds and across all parts of Scotland. Colleges are an important part of reducing inequalities in Scotland.”