"Two polls published this week indicate that voters in Scotland are losing faith in UK governance.  A poll ... found that 50% of Scottish voters had more trust in the economic competence of  Holyrood than  in the UK Government. Only 28% had more trust in Westminster’s economic competence. ... Polls indicate the emergence of a Scottish independence mindset" according to Believe in Scotland.  Read More

A You Gov poll gives very low numbers of MPs for the Conservative Party if an election were to occur now. "Polling by YouGov has indicated that if a snap general election were called, that ... Labour would win 529 seats with a majority of 408, the SNP would be second with 51 seats and the Tories with only 30 seats. ..."  Read More 

[Scotland has a continuting] "struggle with its “dual public sphere”, an uncomfortable hybrid of UK-rooted media institutions and both established and emerging Scottish news titles with very different perspectives and priorities.

"One of the key institutions of British life, the BBC, is ideologically rooted to a form of unionism and day to day it orbits around business in Westminster. "

"Ultimately, from an institutional and economic perspective, there is a magic money tree, though it should be understood as a legislative money tree represented by the [Consolidated Fund] with recourse to Parliament. The true limits on the Government’s spending power are the productive capacity of the UK economy, the political will of Government and the consent of Parliament"

Independent Scotland would be wealthy enough to fund a just transition to renewables – and lower electricity bills.

At the time of the 2014 referendum, voters were told it was too late to benefit from Scotland’s oil and gas. They would run out in 15 years, leaving Scotland depending on energy imports from England.

Now, a windfall tax could raise £2 billion on the oil companies’ huge profits. And England imports most of its energy from Scotland. But Scots don’t benefit from that – they are charged more in energy bills than the rest of the UK. 

In an article in this month’s edition of Scottish Left Review (www.scottishleftreview.scot/scotland-as-a-centralised-state) he deplores Scotland’s over-centralised system of government. Lesley Riddoch has written extensively about the shortcomings of local government in Scotland compared to every other European nation.