Climate change


Author / Creator: Enough

Media type: Review

Date published:

The entire spectacle of COP26 demonstrated the current global political leadership‘s profound lack of political will to face the scale of the crisis.

Climate change and farming

Author / Creator: Emma Congreve

Media type: Article

Date published:

“The prizes ... of turning farming into a low emissions sector are significant... They are needed to meet Scotland’s climate change targets. The challenge is to ensure food production can...make the sector financially, as well as environmentally, sustainable.”

Economic commentary

Author / Creator: Steve Williams

Date published: September 2021

By working collectively it is possible to turn net zero commitments into tangible actions and help everyone play their part in progressing to a more sustainable future.

Scotland’s road to net zero: how far, so far?

Author / Creator: Adam McGeoch

Media type: Article

Date published:

Scotland has ambitious targets to reach net zero by 2045 and, so far, we are falling behind in the cuts to emissions needed to reach these targets.

George Monbiot: Independent Scotland could show a way out of climate crisis

Author / Creator: Spowart, Nan

Media type: newspaper article

Date published:

George Monbiot interview highlights the need for mass mobilisation to combat climate change. The 2014 Scottish Independence movement provides a good example of how to create a mass movement in the 21st century.

Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis. Full Report

Author / Creator: IPCC

Media type: Scientific report

Date published: 2021

This report gives the current state of climate change at 2012, the possible climate futures, risk assessments for regions of the world, and the actions required to limit future climate change.

IPCC Special; with 21 Actions for Scotland to do Right Now

Author / Creator: Craig Dalzell

Media type: Podcast

Date published:

Common Weal’s latest policy paper 21 For 21 and actions that the Scottish Government should take immediately in light of the IPCC report.

Common Weal podcast #96

Watershed: the Turning Point for North Sea Oil and the Just Transition

Author / Creator: Rachel Tansey

Media type: Assessment report

Date published: September 2021

No new oil and gas fields can be approved for development.  Given the right policies, a just transition can generate more than three jobs in clean industries for every North Sea oil job at risk

A real Green New Deal for Scotland

Author / Creator: Common Weal

Media type: Video

Date published: 2020

The Common Home Plan is a reason for optimism and hope. It is a costed proposal for how to avert the environmental crises, transform Scotland and get the nation ready for the era to come. 

Back to basics: Research and Development in Scotland

Author / Creator: Ben Cooper

Media type: Assessment report

Date published:

Investment in Scotland's R&D has increased over the past decade, but lags behind the UK and other OECD countries.  Continued growth in these sectors will require significant investment and policies that incentivise R&D activity.

Research and innovation in Scotland

Author / Creator: The Royal Society

Media type: Fact sheet

Date published: May 2018

This document provides an insight into the current research and innovation landscape in Scotland to inform discussions over how people across Scotland can have the opportunity to contribute to and share the benefits of R&D investment in the UK

21 For 21: The Climate Change Actions Scotland Needs Now

Author / Creator: Common Weal

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published:

21 Policies that would enable Scotland to meet our responsibilities as laid out by the 2021 IPCC Sixth Assessment Report