Scotland the Brave? Twenty Years of Change and the Future of the Nation

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Gerry Hassan
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Simon Barrow
Luath Press
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Politics took a decisive turn twenty years ago with the birth of the modern Scottish Parliament. People in Scotland want to ‘make a difference’ and build a better future. Scotland the Brave? offers both an acute assessment of where we are today and a route map to the future.

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Editors Gerry Hassan and Simon Barrow have brought together an impressive array of Scottish and international voices to cover concerns including the economy, environment, social policy, beliefs, human rights, media and culture.

After two decades of significant change, the contributors describes how wealth is created and distributed in Scotland; ways of addressing social divisions and inequality; the needs to respond to the climate emergency, as well as considering challenges to democracy.

This book provides powerful, non-partisan visions for the future that indicates how we can rise to challenges of our times and truly become ‘Scotland the Brave’.

In what ways has Scotland developed since the creation of a devolved Scottish Parliament 20 years ago? The focus of this book, marking a highly significant landmark in the modern life of the nation, is not simply on the institutions of governance but on the agency of the people themselves in different areas of social, political, economic, environmental, cultural and secular/religious life.

Bringing together the analysis and perspectives of public figures, established experts and newer commentators from a wide range of backgrounds, [this] looks both at past events and future possibilities. Asking probing questions about what really has or has not changed over the past two decades, the contributors to this volume provide a compelling, varied account the 'state of the nation' under an evolving devolution settlement. Here is a compact guide to the issues facing Scotland and its people as they look towards an uncertain future politically, constitutionally and in the context of major global upheavals.