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Scotland's Gateways
Scotland's Gateways
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Whatever form our border between Scotland and England takes in the future, it will bring opportunities for all. Shared Border, Shared Future is a resource for the many aspects of the Scotland/England Border, with a view to Scotland being a normal, independent country.

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This website covers cross border travel and agreements; opportunities for the local economy; currency; trade; employment; education; health; pensions; legal issues; driving licence with links to more detailed discussion on agriculture, health and business.

In general, most of what we think might be different in everyday life near the border after independence, is in fact something we are already doing. We already have the vast majority of agreements in place, to ensure that our day to day lives carry on easily.

Whether as a trading post, a business hub or a tourist attraction, our shared, international border has a very positive future. All that remains, is for us to take up the opportunities it will bring.