National Borders

Depoliticising Immigration and Independence

Author / Creator: Zhihao Hu

Media type: Blog

Date published: 2023

Immigration stands as a pivotal issue in both Scottish and British politics

Light-touch border between Ireland/NI and the UK could be a model for independent Scotland

Author / Creator: Business for Scotland

Media type: Article

Date published: 2023

"Northern Ireland has what Scotland wanted and voted for – access to the EU single market. [It] streamlines the light-touch border between Ireland/Northern Ireland and the UK – that could be a model for an independent Scotland. "

An international border will bring opportunities on both sides

Author / Creator: Shared Border Shared Future

Media type: Website

Date published: 2022

A brief outline of the effects of a border between Scotland and England.

An EU border across Britain: Scotland’s borders after independence

Author / Creator: Katy Howard

Date published:

Membership of the EU would require some form of hard border between Scotland and England.

Our shared border, our shared future

Author / Creator: Our shared border, our shared future

Media type: Website

Date published: 2019-

This website looks at what borders between England and Scotland may be like, and from the view point of those living in southern Scotland

Shared Border Shared Future

Author / Creator: Scotland's Gateways

Media type: website

Date published:

Whatever form our border between Scotland and England takes in the future, it will bring opportunities for all. Shared Border, Shared Future is a resource for the many aspects of the Scotland/England Border, with a view to Scotland being a normal, independent country.

Strength in Union: The Case for the United Kingdom

Author / Creator: Alister Jack

Media type: Collection of essays by a Conservative Think Tank

Date published: September 2021

Is Scotland a Nation or a Region. MP David Cameron called Scotland a Nation in September 2014 in the run up to the Referendum. In 2021, Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, refers to Scotland as a region.

Scottish independence: Here's the truth about borders after a Yes vote. Open minds on independence #22

Author / Creator: Believe in Scotland

Media type: News Media

Date published:

Scottish independence borders and trade.

Trading in sterling for a transitional period would mean goods from Scotland will avoid currency exchange issues.  If the UK doesn’t sort its borders with the EU, the resulting fall in the value of sterling will mean that trade with the rest of the UK increases, not decreases. Scotland will be the only nation from which rUK can afford to import. Where else would the rUK get the oil, electricity and food it needs from? It will be cheaper and just as easy to import from Scotland.

The Economics of Scotland-rUK Border

Author / Creator: David Bell

Media type: Assessment report

Date published:

An independent Scotland within the EU would border checks of some nature.  Ireland's experience shows it is clearly possible for a small country to succeed economically in a similar situation.

Scottish independence: EU membership and the Anglo–Scottish border

Author / Creator: Institute for Government

Media type: Assessment report

Date published:

The implications of an independent Scotland joining the EU or EFTA would include a border with rUK, some interim border arrangements, and considerations about currency 


Scottish independence, the EU and a ‘hard border’

Author / Creator: The Ferret

Media type: Fact check

Date published: 2021

In the early stages of independence an interim border agreement will be needed. If Scotland were to join the EU a border will be required, but it may be electronic rather than physical.  Upon joining the EU, trade would be more difficult with rUK, but easier with the rest of Europe.

Scottish independence: Here's the truth about borders after a Yes vote

Author / Creator: The National

Media type: News Item

Date published:

An independent Scotland in the EU would have the same border checks as the UK has.  Border checks can be electronic, pretty seamless, and not physical whether in or out of the EU.