Economic recovery

Understanding Scotland - Economy

Author / Creator: Mark Diffley

Media type: survey report

Date published: October 2021

People are feeling the financial sting of the pandemic. They are pessimistic about the economic and financial outlook. And with concern over rising prices. There is evidence of dissatisfaction with prevailing economic indicators and models. There is an appetite for a different economic settlement.

Understanding Scotland - Society

Author / Creator: Diffley Partnership

Media type: survey report

Date published: October 2021

A look at Scottish society as we emerge from the pandemic, and addresses the fundamental questions: Is Scotland on the right track? Where do we want to go as a country? And who do we trust to help us get there?

Must Scots settle for cronyism and incompetence? Open Minds on Independence #21

Author / Creator: Believe in Scotland

Media type: News Media

Date published:

Scotland's ambition does not end with winning independence. That is just the start. It offers us the freedom to create the country we want to live in. The issues we should prioritise include: 

Watershed: the Turning Point for North Sea Oil and the Just Transition

Author / Creator: Rachel Tansey

Media type: Assessment report

Date published: September 2021

No new oil and gas fields can be approved for development.  Given the right policies, a just transition can generate more than three jobs in clean industries for every North Sea oil job at risk

Land Reform: Re-Shaping Scotland’s Social Landscape

Author / Creator: Dylan Howel

Media type: News Item

Date published:

Scotland has one of the most concentrated patterns of private land ownership in the developed world. Just 450 people own over half of the private land in Scotland. This entitlement has survived un-challenged for 500 years, a privilege that has its roots in royal favours and aristocratic archetypes