Scottish Parliament

A Parliament for All - Reforms to strengthen representation and participation at Holyrood unveiled

Author / Creator: Meryl Kenny

Media type: Report

Date published: 2023

"The representation and influence of women at Holyrood" needs to be improved.

Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707

Author / Creator: Parliament of Scotland

Media type: Historic records

Date published:

The Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707 (RPS) is a fully searchable database containing the proceedings of the Scottish parliament from the first surviving act of 1235 to the union of 1707. 

A fork in the road

Author / Creator: Stephen Noon

Media type: Discussion Paper

Date published: 2022

How Scotland becomes independent ​following a Yes vote is an important part of how we would be independent, especially in the first years.

The Scottish Parliament 1999-2009: The First Decade

Author / Creator: Charlie Jeffrey

Media type: Book

Date published: 2009

Reflections from the Hansard Society on the first 10 years of the Scottish Parliament.

The Story of the Scottish Parliament: Reflections on the First Two Decades

Author / Creator: Gerry Hassan

Media type: Book

Date published: 2019

How have Scotland’s first post-devolution decades been felt across the political landscape?

  • Features analysis of the key political institutions and parties in Scotland
  • Provides a detailed chronology of the devolution era
  • Includes perspectives from civil servants, campaigners and politicians including Jim Gallagher, Joyce McMillan, Johann Lamont, Murdo Fraser and Marco Biagi

The Scottish Parliament

Author / Creator: Emily St Denny

Media type: Book

Date published: 2020

Scottish Parliament has met some, but not all, of the public and policymakers’ original expectations.

Scottish election: Alex Salmond’s Alba gamble could yet tip scales on second independence referendum

Author / Creator: William McDougall

Media type: News Media

Date published:

As the UK slowly emerges from the pandemic, a constitutional clash between supporters of Scottish independence and Johnson’s UK government looks a distinct possibility.