Rural economy

Tackling rural depopulation

Author / Creator: Amanda Hill-Dixon

Media type: Report

Date published: 2023

Depopulation is not ..., a uniquely rural experience. Urban areas can face similar challenges.

Multi-Level Responses to Rural Depopulation

Author / Creator: Rebecca Kay

Media type: Report

Date published: 2023

Rural depopulation is a significant contemporary challenge for countries across Europe and
the Global North, and Scotland is no exception

Finance and the Growing UrbanRural Divide

Author / Creator: Samuel MacKinnon

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: 2019

The rural economy is subject to more frequent, cyclical crises, as well as problems in areas such as land and resource management.

How is Brexit affecting Scotland’s fishing industry?

Author / Creator: Graeme Roy

Media type: Article

Date published: 2021

 The immediate aftermath of Brexit for the fishing industry has been severe challenges in accessing key markets.



Wildlife management: consultation

Author / Creator: Scottish Government

Media type: Consultation paper

Date published: 2022

Consultation on proposals relating to: introducing a licensing scheme for grouse shooting; increased regulation for muirburn; banning the use of glue traps; and increased regulation of other wildlife traps.

National Test Programme - testing actions for sustainable farming phase one: survey report

Author / Creator: Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services

Media type: Report

Date published: 2022

A review of the current state of the uptake of sustainable farming practices and motivations/barriers for farmers and crofters

Women in agriculture - implementing equality commitments: research report

Author / Creator: Patricia Findlay

Media type: Report

Date published: 2022

Effective ways of bringing about greater gender equality within Scottish agricultural businesses.

Rural Scotland Business Panel Survey October 2022

Author / Creator: Scottish Government

Media type: Survey

Date published: 2022

Economic optimism over the past 6 months (July 2022) has decreased from the previous survey.