Green Politics

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Antje Brown
The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics
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Scottish decision makers shy away from a determined green approach. Can Green ambitions and national identity politics be pursued together?

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Whilst Scottish environmental policies feature many characteristics typical for modern systems of governance, addressing similar environmental challenges and wicked problems of the twenty-first century, many environmental policy responses in Scotland are nevertheless distinctly contextual and often driven by the ongoing constitutional debate whilst also being ambitious, if not pioneering.

This is not to say that Scotland leads in environmental politics on all fronts; where coalition networks and other factors may not promise the desired results,

Scottish decision makers shy away from a determined green approach. This chapter therefore argues that in order to understand green politics in Scotland as a whole we need to study environmental policies carefully and individually and take into consideration a number of factors (or parameters) such as resource availability and, more importantly, the strategic consideration of whether or not a co-framing between green ambitions and national identity can be achieved successfully.