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Print and broadcast media are largely independent of government. Social media is controlled by multinational companies although the content is largely out of any control.

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Scotland’s Sustainable Media Future: Challenges and Opportunities: a Stakeholder Analysis

Author / Creator: Catherine Happer

Media type: Article

Date published: 2022

Scotland’s media are still firmly rooted in older conceptions of print and broadcasting

Is Scotland’s media ready for the next independence referendum?

Author / Creator: Catherine Happer

Media type: Report

Date published: 2022

"[Scotland's media is] an uncomfortable hybrid of UK-rooted media institutions and both established and emerging Scottish news titles with very different perspectives and priorities."

Scotland’s Islamophobia.

Author / Creator: Peter Hopkins

Media type: Research Report

Date published: 2021

Islamaphobia is experienced by most people of Muslin faith in Scotland.

Scotland’s Referendum and the Media: National and International Perspectives

Author / Creator: Neil Blain

Media type: Book

Date published:

The consequences of the Referendum's No result are traced in the media...until the May general election of 2015.

Scotland’s Dual Public Sphere and the Media

Author / Creator: Philip Schlesinger

Date published: 2020

The Scottish media contain content for Scottish audiences.  These media are being challenged by digital offerings and present regulatory difficulties.

Understanding Scotland - Society

Author / Creator: Diffley Partnership

Media type: survey report

Date published: October 2021

A look at Scottish society as we emerge from the pandemic, and addresses the fundamental questions: Is Scotland on the right track? Where do we want to go as a country? And who do we trust to help us get there?

The British media’s progressives are coming round to Scottish independence

Author / Creator: Simon Pia

Media type: News Media

Date published:

Will the UK commentators fall into line and back unionism once a timetable for a vote has been agreed, or is a more permanent split developing? 

Media Matters; how the media reports on indepencence matters

Author / Creator: David Patrick

Media type: Podcast

Date published: 2021

Craig talks to David Patrick, author of recently published book Front-Page Scotland which looks at how stories about Scottish independence were reported in the newspapers throughout the 2014 independence referendum campaign.

Whose voices are heard in the news? A study of sources in television coverage of the Scottish independence referendum

Author / Creator: Marina Dekavalla

Media type: Academic Paper

Date published:

Male-dominated political elites are the main focus in the news.  The coverage represents the views of politicians to the public. It provides limited public participation in the political debate.

The Media and National Identity: Local Newspapers’ Coverage of Scottish Independence during the Campaign of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum

Author / Creator: Jan-Philipp Wagner

Media type: Academic Paper

Date published: 2017

Local Scottish papers frame “Scottishness” in a way that differs from independence. The patterns of news content point to the possibility that the local papers did not perceive Scottish independence as consistent with their idea of Scottish national identity.

Bella Caledonia

Author / Creator: Mike Small

Media type: News Media

Date published: 2007 -

"We’re not aligned to any one political party but believe in self-determination for Scotland. Only then will a country disfigured by poverty and inequality be re-born. Only independence can bring democracy. The British State is irredeemable and is structurally corrupt, broken and riven with hierarchy."