Do Scotland and England & Wales Have Different Views About Immigration?

Author / Creator: John Curtice

Media type: Research Paper

Date published: December 2018

The social and economic consequences of immigration are viewed similarly in England and Scotland. All party voters except SNP have a less favourable attitude toward immigration than their English counterparts. The same applies to Remain supporters. There is no systematic relationship between national identity and perceptions of immigration.

Immigration: how Scotland sees itself and how migrants actually experience it

Author / Creator: Marcus Nicolson

Media type: Article

Date published:

Political groups in Scotland have been able to use policies and public speeches to position the country as more open and progressive than the rest of the UK

Scotland’s Migration Futures Challenges, opportunities, options

Author / Creator: Sarah Kyambi

Date published: October 2021

Migration is an integral part of a globalised world. Resourcing a constructive approach with evidence and opportunities for dialogue will be key to making it a success.

New Scots Land

Author / Creator: Sarah Kyambi

Media type: Podcast

Date published:

Migration policy in Scotland.

Public attitudes towards migration in Scotland: Exceptionality and possible policy implications

Author / Creator: David McCollunm

Media type: Academic Paper

Date published: 2014

 The public in Scotland does hold relatively positive views towards migration. This could be related to Scotland's experience of population movements. However there is evidence of some growing hostility towards migration and a possible link between nationalist leanings and opposition to ‘Others’. 

A Scottish Approach to immigration post-Brexit

Author / Creator: Mark Butterly

Media type: Policy Paper

Date published: November 2017

A devolved immigration policy is needed for Scotland that would be designed to meet the country’s specific demographic challenges while strengthening universal rights for all workers.